Mrs. Dawn Pace

Newscast Club
CB Watson Newscast Club

Membership Requirements: Students in 2nd Grade who meet requirements and are recommended by teachers. Must be out-going, a fluent reader, and have a positive attitude. There are two teams which rotate each week. Positions include: Producer, Reporter, Audio Person, Tech (iPad operator), and Camera Person. Newscast Club members must try-out if more than 10 are nominated.
Financial Obligations: $10.00 (pays for t-shirt). Field Trip dues, if needed.
Mission/Purpose: Keeping the school informed of all announcements and current school events. The announcements are live on-camera each morning and streamed through our Internet network to all classrooms throughout the school.
Planned Activities: Newscast Club reports to the Media Center at 8:15 am each day to gather information and rehearse before announcements begin at 8:30 am.
CB Watson Newscast Club